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Hope and Empowerment Counseling’s philosophy is focused on helping individuals as they go through adversity to continue their personal growth through compassionate therapy. I am excited to work with individuals who seek to increase emotional regulation, heal from adversity, and desire to improve their relationships with themselves and others. 


Every person is worth the journey to health, wellness, and peace. I firmly believe in helping each person navigate through issues and circumstances to reach their goals in all aspects of their lives. Through strengths and evidence-based therapies, I will cheer and guide each individual toward self-empowerment and increased quality of life.


I look forward to joining you on your unique journey and utilizing a variety of tools to facilitate individual empowerment in overcoming barriers in thoughts, actions, and behaviors, thus providing avenues for creating your best life.


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Individual Counseling

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Health Coaching

I work with a wide range of emotional and relationship issues. My services include psychoeducation about mood and emotions, parenting support, health coaching, couples counseling, trauma counseling, and much more! Contact me with any questions.  


As a highly trained and experienced therapist, I am proud to offer a personalized approach tailored to each client's needs to help them attain the personal growth they seek. I have been licensed in multiple states and offer telehealth services that are specialized for various interventions. This technology is comfortable, client-centered, and highly effective, allowing the best use of your time and effort in therapy.

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