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Family Walking On the Beach



Family is one of the most important connections that people have with each other.

The reality is that there are many instances in which a family may require counseling and Parenting Support. Support can help with issues linked to the stress associated around a recent divorce, a new addition to the family, as well as issues like the dynamics involved in a blended family.

A family-orientated counseling approach can add great value when it comes to addressing these and other family issues. There are several reasons why a family may need counseling. Here we will focus on some of the more common.


Divorce is taxing for everyone in the family. There is always a lot of emotion involved when a marriage ends. Divorce can surface a range of different feelings and concerns for a family to have to deal with.

These feelings can range from confusion, abandonment, shame, guilt, and even anger. Divorce therapy with a family-focused approach can help minimize the impact that it has on a family unit. Family counseling helps to unpack the psychological and emotional trauma involved and assists in dealing with any unwanted ‘baggage’ that may have been picked up along the way. 

Family divorce counseling also helps identify communication barriers and prevent destructive behavioral patterns.

A blended family is formed when two individual family units join to become one. This can take place if a person with a child marries someone that has their own children. At the same time, a person who doesn’t have kids may decide to marry someone who already has children. If this couple then has children, half-siblings are introduced into the family unit.

Blended families can be hard to manage especially with the presence of stepparents. Relationships between stepparents and children can be hard to negotiate as healthy boundaries may need to be formed over time. Family counseling can help blended families to work through these and other issues to ensure that everyone feels heard and acknowledged.

The Disconnected Family

Sometimes families that may appear to be healthy, happy, and normal from the outside have issues too.

Have you noticed that your family doesn’t talk anymore? Perhaps everyone is so busy on their phones that dinner table conversations are a thing of the past. Over time we may have lost some vital connection points and skills required for family relationships to flourish.

Family counseling can help disconnected families start communicating again by implementing some effective communication strategies.

Learn Coping Mechanisms For Behavioral Outbursts

It’s not uncommon for children who battle with their emotions to have outbursts. Children with behavioral issues can benefit tremendously from counseling in a family-setting. Over time, counseling helps build trust that allows the child to gain insight into the reasons and trigger points that are associated with their emotions and outbursts. 

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